Sustainable Renovation of a Listed Farmhouse in the Derbyshire Dales

James Probert

Sustainable Renovation of a Listed Farmhouse in the Derbyshire Dales

Listed buildings are historic structures, recognised for their architectural or cultural significance.  Every listed building is placed on a national register and, quite rightly, fiercely protected by planners and local conservation officers. Any proposed works are strictly controlled to ensure the building’s historic character and features are preserved.  Navigating the complex planning and regulatory process is the first challenge any owner will face.

Many listed buildings feature unique architectural details and construction methods requiring specialist knowledge and skills to preserve.  Paradoxically, the strict controls over how a listed building may be repaired or altered can have the effect of making it prohibitively expensive to maintain, and unfortunately leads to some buildings being left to deteriorate.

This beautiful Grade II Listed Farmhouse, nestled in the Derbyshire countryside is in exactly this position.  It has sadly been allowed to fall into a precarious condition and is in urgent need of care and repair.  Fortunately, the new owners are committed to giving it a new lease of life.

Oakenstone has long been committed to sustainable design and construction, and over the years we have developed innovative, high-quality solutions to building sustainable, energy efficient homes.  This project will see us reach a new milestone, successfully incorporating energy-efficient measures into a Listed Building.  

Of course, the needs of the building and the demands of the planners must be balanced with the needs of its occupants, and while it’s essential to preserve the heritage of the building, it’s also important to ensure, wherever possible, that it meets the practical demands and expectations of modern living.  It must be a beautiful and comfortable home.  Integrating modern amenities while honouring the history of a building can require some creative solutions.

Central to our plan will be the installation of Hempcrete insulation, a sustainable, environmentally friendly insulation material derived from the incredibly versatile hemp plant.  Hempcrete insulation provides exceptional thermal performance, moisture regulation, and breathability, ensuring an optimal indoor climate, minimizing the building’s energy heating energy demand, and complementing the existing solid wall construction.

In addition, the building’s heating system will be revolutionized by the installation of a Ground Source Heat Pump linked to Underfloor Heating.  Taking advantage of the earth’s constant subsurface temperature, this cutting-edge technology will provide energy-efficient and consistent heating (and cooling) throughout the year, regardless of external weather conditions.

By harnessing renewable materials and energy sources, this renovation aligns perfectly with Oakenstone’s vision for sustainable construction, creating beautiful, comfortable, and truly sustainable low energy homes, using more renewable resources in construction, and taking advantage of renewable energy sources over the life of the building.

Follow the progress of this exciting project through our regular updates here, and if you are planning your own renovation or new home and would like to know more about how OakenStone can help, why not give Pete a call on 01629 343006?

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