Why Choose OakenStone

Why Choose OakenStone

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First Meeting (Free of charge)

YOU tell us what your project must deliver, what you would like in addition and what you think you can’t afford. We can give you an instant scale of cost and offer advice on the impact on your property value. As designers, we will typically be able to see design options and instantly assess potential ways to fit all your requirements against guideline budgets. This meeting is always free of charge.

Feasibility Study

Once you have engaged us, we will do an initial survey of the property and prepare one or more initial options drawn to scale together with some associated costs options. We will also advise on planning and building regulation requirements and any other potential costs or issues that might arise. For example: party wall agreements, highways considerations and so on.

You can then choose whichever design option offers the best balance between your wish-list and your budget. Often at this stage it is a combination of elements from two or more options, in which case we can advise on how best these can be combined. This delivers a concept design that has been cost assessed and established as feasible, satisfying your requirements and appropriate for the property and location.

Design Development

The Feasibility Study ensures the Design phase of the project sets off on the right track from the start. Layout drawings and initial sketches now need to be developed either for the planning application process and/or for construction and building regulation purposes. As we develop the design detail we can also provide more accurate costings.

As experienced builders, we guide the design detail down more economic paths rather than those often chosen by architects. Thoughtful and informed construction design at this stage invariably pays off with either a reduced cost or more construction for the same budget.

Teamwork and communication 

Once we have agreed a final design we will sign you up to ‘Teamwork’ which is our online project management portal and this allows you to keep track of your project throughout the development and construction process.

Teamwork – Our Project Management tool

We prioritise communication to keep stress to a minimum, to maximise efficiency and to enable you to monitor the progress of your project. It is immediately accessible and easy to use.

Teamwork allows you to keep up to date on project news from planning permission applications to team schedules right down to the details like your choice of kitchen tile.


Our experienced team of builders understand just how important it is for you to have confidence in us and our work process. We know this is not just about bricks and mortar, it is about creating a home.

We understand that having building work done in the place you are also living in can be challenging. Our workmen are considerate, honest and committed to delivering the best results. Most of our recommendations come from client referrals or via Trusted Trader.

As Oakenstone’s lead designer and value engineer, Dave meets with new clients from the outset. He assesses each job individually and then gives advice on design options, legalities, technicalities of build and timescales.

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