Architect, RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects, ARB

Richard Bradbury

He’s an architect, a fell runner, a lover of topography, the environment and interesting spaces (both inside and out).

Although Richard officially joined the OakenStone team in 2018, he has in fact worked as a consultant with Dave and James for over twenty years on a wide range of local projects, particularly in the Matlock Green Conservation Area, including the redevelopment of the Three Horseshoes Pub and the conversion of the Old Mill.

For Richard, architecture and the outdoors were always a family affair.  His father, Kevin, was also an architect and a keen rock climber.  The family moved to Matlock when Richard was a boy, and it was perhaps the extraordinary landscape of the area, both natural and man-made, that sparked Richard’s passion for buildings and design.

Having also inherited his father’s ability to visualise and draw in perspective, becoming an architect himself was an obvious choice.  Richard studied at the University of Sheffield in order to stay close to family and his beloved Peak District.

"This area is the heart of the country where the best building stone comes from; gritstone & limestone from the local quarries and also bricks from Butterley. These materials have shaped our landscape through the centuries and continue to provide a wonderful palette from which we design and build today"
Richard Bradbury
Architect, OakenStone

By remarkable coincidence Richard visited Cromford Mill on a first year field trip to survey the very building (then derelict) that he is now working in, nearly 30 years later!

After completing his full architecture qualification in 1997 Richard joined his father (now retired) at Kevin Bradbury Associates. Together they delivered many respected projects in the Peak District and surrounding area.

Richard has always most enjoyed designing homes that are personal, bespoke to the owner. Whether they be entirely new buildings or alterations to existing, he strives to create spaces that enhance quality of life, that are functional as well as beautiful, inspired by their surroundings. Working within the topography of the local landscape, inside the Peak District National Park and often in areas of conservation brings its own challenges but also great inspiration.

We invited Richard to join our team in 2018, recognising a highly skilled professional who shared the same values and interests. This proved to be an excellent decision as Richard fits perfectly into the Oakenstone ‘family’. 

Combining the strengths of Richard’s architectural practice with our design-led construction and management process, has added a powerful extra dimension to our team. With the benefit of his 30 years’ experience in architecture and with full RIBA backing, we are able to manage projects from inception to completion.

Meanwhile Richard the fell-runner will be out somewhere on a moor or mountain, sometimes racing, sometimes ‘just jogging’ and letting his mind wander, perhaps thinking of your project and what inspires him.

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