A Loft Conversion in BAKEWELL

Our client had initially been told that her attic did not have the required height to create a loft conversion as she explained when she first contacted us.

Our client had initially been told that her attic did not have the required height to create a loft conversion as she explained when she first contacted us.

On our first consultation visit we could see the problem but also a clear solution.


Location:  Bakewell

Project:  Loft Conversion


Resolving the height issue

The bedrooms situated below the attic had high ceilings and by lowering them 6 inches we were able to resolve the height issue in the rooms above whilst still retaining a comfortable dimension in the two bedrooms below.


The master bedroom

In the master bedroom, we varied the height of the ceiling allowing a designed space next to the window for a full drop light fixture that gives the room a greater sense of space, light and visual interest. A small but useful storage area was also built into the space above the ensuite bathroom.


Light on the landing

The original landing outside the bedrooms was quite small and dark.  With the additional staircase leading up to the new bedroom and bathroom in the loft and the introduction of a skylight above this, the landing is lighter, has opened out and feels larger.  


Loft Bedroom

The ground floor staircase leads up onto this landing and and the design of the new staircase mirrors the design of the original one creating a natural, fluent space that feels as if it has always been part of the building.  

In the loft bedroom two large velux windows make the most of the beautiful countryside outside and bring light and space into the room.  

  • I wanted a loft conversion to create an additional bedroom and bathroom in our home but the head height in the existing attic was tricky.  Dave and James came up with a clever solution that involved lowering the ceiling height in the 2 bedrooms below.  Their recommendation to install a velux window over the stairs brought a lot more light onto the landing and the staircases flow naturally from one floor to the next. I was very pleased with the end results and the dialogue I was able to have with them about the design process.


    Parsonage Terrace

Asker Lane

A Loft Conversion in matlock

This project required a creative solution to meet our client's needs

The clients wanted an extension which we could see straightaway was beyond their budget.

But what we also saw was the potential for a fantastic loft conversion that gave them all they wanted and more but within a budget they could afford.


Location:  Matlock

Project:  Loft Conversion



The challenge was to create a natural link between the house and the garden which was situated on several levels and up a steep slope.

We were asked to design a rear extension and a loft conversion for a traditional Victorian terraced house that was built into a steep hillside overlooking a valley.  

The challenge was to create a natural link between the house and the garden which was situated on several levels and up a steep slope.  The spectacular countryside that surrounds the property was a key focus of our design and build process.


Location:  Tansley, Derbyshire

Project:  Extension, Loft Conversion and Renovation 

A link between rooms

The extension

The extension was designed in such a way as to create a link between the rooms on the ground floor from the front of the house right through to the back, maximizing the available natural light and giving an easy sense of space throughout.

Opening out existing windows, adding skylights and using glass paneling between the kitchen and the extension allowed us to connect the rooms seamlessly whilst maintaining each room as a separate space and keeping the original stonework of the outside walls.

Stunning views over the countryside

Loft Conversion

The loft conversion created a private bedroom and seating area at the top of the house. Windows were built on three sides and were designed to mirror the slope of the hillside beyond, providing stunning views over the surrounding countryside.

The full width box dormer was clad in slate grey to blend the dormer with the original slate roof, making it distinct from but complimenting the original stonework.

  • We were genuinely impressed with the guidance that Oakenstone provided us during this process. From their first consultation to the completed building both James and Dave and their team of workmen have been courteous and committed throughout. The design and build was undertaken with great passion and care and we are delighted with our new home.

    Nigel and Yvonne

    Barley Cottages, Tansley


kitchen extension & Loft Conversion in cromford

We originally completed a kitchen extension in 2013 so it was nice to get invited back 4 years later to build a loft conversion for the growing family.

This was one of the first jobs we worked on and was based in a lovely old cottage situated in an important Conservation area. 

 The kitchen extension was followed 4 years later by a loft conversion in 2017  


Location:  Cromford, Derbyshire

Project:  Kitchen Extension (2013) Loft Conversion (2017)

Skylights added more natural light

Extending the kitchen

The back of the house had a fully enclosed rear yard with a 3 meter wall. We filled the whole lot in and extended the kitchen into the space.

Light is very important and we introduced a number of skylights which worked really well. In fact, the house was lit better after we had added the extension than before,  even though the back yard area had been filled in.

More room for the kids

The loft conversion

We were invited back to complete a loft conversion as our client needed more space for the children.

As with all of the projects, we proposed the design, obtained the necessary planning consents and completed the build.

  • This job was for a lovely old cottage in a conservation area. The area is best known for ‘Scarthin Books’, a quirky little bookshop which is well worth a visit and only a few hundred metres from our office!

    Dave Mowle

    Director, Oakenstone

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