Swallowtail Barn

A super-efficient Low carbon barn Conversion

Oakenstone Design Planning Build worked closely with the clients to create this truly special home, nestled in a spectacular corner of the Derbyshire Dales.

 Ground Source heating connected to heat pump
technology and a super-insulated, airtight building mean this home requires minimal additional heating yet provides a comfortable and cosy environment for the whole family, all year round.

Location:  Derbyshire Dales

Project:  Low Carbon Barn Conversion

There isn’t an inch of space that we don’t use every day.

Andy Berry

Swallowtail Barn
3 Inside farm barn Edit

Retaining the character of the original

It takes vision and imagination to picture a family home in the most unlikely of settings.

The original barn wasn’t the most prepossessing of buildings. It wasn’t romantically constructed from local stone. But it had been in the family for many years and our clients loved it and saw its potential.

They were also keen to preserve as much of the integrity and character of the original building as possible whilst at the same time creating a modern home, fit to meet the energy challenges of the next century.

7 Underfloor Heating Edit

Underfloor Heating

Here you can see the complex layout of the underfloor heating pipework, ‘zoned’ to provide warmth to selected areas of the building via remote control thermostat.

The entire ground floor acts like a massive thermal store and radiator.  Insulation beneath prevents heat sinking back into the earth whilst complete coverage by a network of warm water pipes set into the screed heat the floor which in turn, gives of a gentle warmth all day (and all night!) long.

5 Orange Digger 2 Edit

You can't make an omelette...

Ground Source Heating takes heat from below the surface of the earth and delivers it to your home via Heat Pump technology.

This photograph shows our groundworks team in the adjoining field, digging the extensive trenches required for the many metres of underground pipework.

Clearly this level of excavation is disruptive, but the ground was levelled afterwards and the grass soon grew back!

12 Detail Porch Window Edit

Special Touches

Thoughtful design floods this spectacular home with light and views. 

Here we replaced a plain solid wall with a fixed, glazed internal window instantly creating a more welcoming entrance.

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