A Logistical Challenge!

James Probert

A Logistical Challenge!

OakenStone Design Planning Build – reaching the parts that others cannot reach!

Tucked away at the top of Matlock Bath, right at the end of the road and beyond the famous ‘gap’, where the road passing between two houses is so narrow that a car can just squeeze through, lies the site of our current project to add a two-storey extension to The Rowans providing sufficient multi-generational living space for the three generations of family that are going to make this their new home.

Sand, cement, block and stone, insulation, scaffolding, timber, everything has to be transported to our busy team on site in small loads in our specially narrow truck, according to a meticulously planned schedule.

Once the foundations are in it’s time to begin the mammoth task of moving over 100 tonnes of block and stone up the hill – one tonne at a time!

Follow the progress of this challenging build in a truly unique location here on our news page.

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