Oliver Edwards

Oliver Edwards

Building Design CAD

Richard Bradbury

Olli is Oakenstone’s CAD Technician.

Olli describes himself as a big-time tea and coffee maker.  And whilst he does make a great brew, he’s also somewhat modest.  As Oakenstone’s CAD Technician Olli would say that James does the clever bit and he does the legwork, which means he builds 3D models, elevation plans and creates structural drawings of each project to James’ design.

Olli has a level 3 civil engineering qualification and the fact that James occasionally allows him to design is an indication of his skill.  As the youngest member of the team, born and raised in Derbyshire, Olli is an avid mountain biker and loves to sail. 

He’s the office’s fountain of local knowledge and happenings and Hero adores him so much she gives him her ball which says everything. 

James does the clever bit and I do the legwork. Sometimes when I'm very good and make excellent coffee I get to do a bit of design too.

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