James Probert

James PRobert

Director and head of Technical Design

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James Probert
Director & Head of Technical Design

James is the co-founder of Oakenstone along with close friend and colleague, Dave Mowle. 

As James puts it, neither of them are purists; they are not purely led by design; they are not solely driven by architectural, financial or practical building requirements; instead they focus on the balance that is required between these disciplines, to create spaces that people can use effectively, naturally and intuitively.  They both share a passion for finding the heart of a house.

James is officially Head of Technical Design but as he points out that’s a catch-all phrase that says everything and nothing.

James is officially Head of Technical Design but as he points out that’s a catch-all phrase that says everything and nothing.  It would be more appropriate to describe his role as a Technical Choreographer.   He tunes the finer details of every proposed design and plans all the technical components that need to be integrated – success here is when all this  enhances the human experience of living in the space but without really being seen.

He’s always searching for an intelligent design solutions, looking to create spaces that improve on the original.  His passion is to create homes that are great to live in because they function perfectly at the same time as feeling like home.

As a Designer, Production Manager & Technical Consultant, James has worked across a range of different disciplines. In the West End, working as lead technical designer on theatrical productions, his job was to ensure the fluency between technical and creative teams, to produce the best experience possible for audience, actors and technical crews alike.  

As a Lighting Integration Consultant in the aviation industry, his work on the development of the Airbus A380 for Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Cathay was all about interfacing between technical and engineering issues and the visual design of the interior spaces to be used by 1st & Business Class passengers.  And now, James applies the same expertise to each Oakenstone project.  He keeps one eye firmly on comfort and the aesthetic, whilst achieving technical mastery behind the scenes. 

James still loves the theatre and tries to take in a show  whenever he has the time (which is not often given how busy he is).  He’s a keen runner and cyclist and has lived in Derbyshire with his family for over twenty years.    

Our passion is bringing harmony between the old and the new at an affordable price. Whether it's a single room or whole house project, we relish the process of making the best of the past, giving it a fresh life and integrating it with the benefits of modern materials, methods and technology.
James Probert
Director, OakenStone

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